Sunday, 25 March 2007

one more

Ok. That's finished according to me. I have to show it to some friends (I'm not waiting for comments here, nobody never come) for possible advice and then final post on 3dtotal.


Anonymous said...

Hey Vincent,

nice work on the eagle. I would probably only add a bit of texture to legs and beak because it looks a bit plastic at the moment but that's up to you.

Also I checked your portfolio page and I really like your style, especially those that give you a feeling of mixed 2d and 3d style.

Keep it up,

Greg said...

hey ! J'avais pas vu que tu avais refais ton site ! Je vais te faire un lien au plus vite !
Trés bon style pour l'aigle, j'attends la suite ! :)

vincent said...

Wow 2 comments what a big progress ;).
Rok, there's a bit bump onthe beak but you can see it only on high definition picture. thanks for comment.
Greg, merci.